About Sweetcuterie

From her earliest days of baking cakes and fresh cinnamon rolls at the feet of her grandmother in her Oklahoma kitchen, Miranda has loved cooking, baking and especially sharing her creations with family and friends, believing that love truly can be baked into food. 
During law school, Miranda would spend hours in the kitchen between classes, listening to lectures on tape and pouring her creative energies into beautiful pavlova's and perfectly rounded muffins that would delight her peers when she arrived in class.  Throughout her subsequent career, mentors, judges and colleagues regularly received items from kitchen, created as an express of affection, appreciation and love.
In 2016, she met and fell in love with a French man who was traveling from Montréal and she relocated in 2017 to be with him in Quebec.  


During the height of the Coronavirus epidemic, Miranda wanted to create a business that could safely deliver joy to her customers and Sweetcuterie was born.   Today we are working from a commercial kitchen in Montreal- creating beautiful boxes filled with sweets and love- and striving every day to bring joy to our customers!